9 Yoga Moves That Will Help You Sleep Better

Try these postures to beat your insomnia before bedtime.

9 Yoga Moves That Will Help You Sleep Better

Many yoga poses can alleviate stress and tension and calm the mind and body, helping you fall and stay asleep through the night. Next time you’re tossing and turning, roll out your yoga mat and practice these moves to get the restorative rest you deserve. If you have any injuries, conditions, or concerns, consult your physician or healthcare provider before starting any new exercise program.

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Legs Up The Wall Pose

Because the legs up the wall pose is an inversion, you should avoid this pose if you have glaucoma or any blood circulation problems. If circulation isn’t an issue, start this pose by placing the short end of your yoga mat next to a wall. Sit down on the right or left side of the mat, facing parallel against the wall. Lean back and swing your legs upward against the wall and if you’re just beginning or have tight hamstring muscles, start by crossing your legs against the wall and resting your hands against your thighs. Get comfortable in this position before building up toward bending your knees and propping your legs against the wall. When you are able to, completely extend your legs upward and let your arms rest outward with palms facing up.

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