10 Foods You Need to Power Up Your Pantry

The 10 essential foods to keep stocked on your shelves this winter.

10 Foods You Need to Power Up Your Pantry

Threats of a monster snowstorm or hurricane rightly send us running to the store to stock up, often to find that everything’s been bought. While milk, eggs and bread tend to be the go-to goods, these aren’t enough to keep your family going. Here are some items that will literally keep for years, so you can make sure you don’t enter the next storm unprepared.

Think About What to Get

Before you head to the store, think about what your family would actually eat and how much you need. Cans of tuna will last in your pantry for years, especially if you hate the taste so much you never open one. Depending on how likely you are to lose power, just making a bunch of food and freezing it may be enough.

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