10 Surprising Ways to Use Beer

Beer isn't just for drinking! Find out all of the handy benefits of a good brew.

10 Surprising Ways to Use Beer

Believe it or not, keeping an extra can or two of beer in your refrigerator can be helpful in tricky situations (and not just by consuming it). The hoppy beverage can do wonders at deterring insects, cleaning rusty objects and more. Read on to learn all of the fascinating ways you can use beer. Then, pour it out and put it to work!

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Use It as Shampoo

Spritz, rinse or soak your hair in beer to add volume, thickness and shine to your locks. The proteins found in the drink can cling to your hair to strengthen the cuticles.

To make beer shampoo, boil one cup of beer for 15 minutes and let it cool. Then, blend it with one cup of shampoo. You can also buy beer shampoo at select stores.

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