11 Recipe Substitutions for Healthy Eating

Keep your resolutions with these skinny shortcuts.

11 Recipe Substitutions for Healthy Eating

Looking to shed pounds and feel your best? With a few simple recipe substitutions, you can hack your favorite meals and make them healthier without sacrificing flavor. From baking with bananas or wrapping your favorite foods in lettuce, you can shave lots of carbs, calories, and fat with minimal effort. Take a look at these 11 creative approaches to cooking and baking so you can get inspired and find new ways to enjoy your favorite comfort foods.

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Try a Gluten-Free Chocolate Cake

America's Test Kitchen's pastry chef Bridget Lancaster has a few tweaks to help you make a gluten-free cake without sacrificing flavor or texture. She recommends using a combination of chocolate and cocoa and swapping out butter for oil to create a cake that tastes light and fluffy, so you can avoid the brick-like texture that often befalls gluten-free desserts. You can also try using xantham gum to replace the elasticity and keep your cake from collapsing since it lacks gluten.

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Fat Substitutes: Could They Be Leading to Your Weight Gain?

They're hiding in everything from low-fat cottage cheese to protein shakes.

Fat substitutes are compounds that resemble the chemical and physical properties of certain fats and oils and are often used to replace conventional fats (butter, oil) in baking and frying. They can help bring calorie counts down.

But fat substitutes are almost like secret ingredients that hide in plain sight, says Mark Schatzker, author of the upcoming book "The End of Craving: Recovering the Lost Wisdom of Eating Well."

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