11 Recipe Substitutions for Healthy Eating

Keep your resolutions with these skinny shortcuts.

11 Recipe Substitutions for Healthy Eating

Looking to shed pounds and feel your best? With a few simple recipe substitutions, you can hack your favorite meals and make them healthier without sacrificing flavor. From baking with bananas or wrapping your favorite foods in lettuce, you can shave lots of carbs, calories, and fat with minimal effort. Take a look at these 11 creative approaches to cooking and baking so you can get inspired and find new ways to enjoy your favorite comfort foods.

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Make Kale Chips

A bad potato chip addiction can do a lot of harm when you are trying to stay on the health track. Believe it or not, leafy greens can come to the rescue! Kale chips are super easy to make and so good for you. All you have to do is rub a little olive oil on rinsed and de-stemmed kale leaves and bake in the oven for 10 minutes at 350 degrees. The end result is crispy, crunchy, and so satisfying. You can customize your chips to your liking, adding garlic, salt, pepper, Parmesan, paprika, or any other toppings you prefer.

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Drowning: How to Respond

It's critical to get the person breathing again as soon as possible.

Drowning can happen quickly. Three children die every day from drowning, and most fatal incidents happen from lack of appropriate supervision. Every minute that passes is critical in saving them or preventing serious injury. Here's what to do if you see someone drowning and you need to help rescue them.

Call 911

You should alert emergency responders as soon as possible. If there are other people around, instruct someone to make the call. If you are alone, help the drowning person until you can give CPR for one minute and then call 911 yourself (then continue life-saving measures).

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