11 Surprising Health Benefits of Yoga

Find out all the ways that practicing yoga can be food for your overall health.

11 Surprising Health Benefits of Yoga

Yoga definitely makes you more flexible, but that’s not all this ancient practice can do. Research has found that yoga can help with issues like bone and heart health, back pain, and even incontinence! The best part of doing yoga to improve your health is that you don’t need to spend money on weekly classes — if you have a DVD player or a computer you can find your om right on your own home.

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Enhances Your Fertility

Although there are no studies that show that practicing yoga can directly impact your fertility, there are many ways researchers have found it to help. One study found that women who experienced infertility and took at 45-minute Vinyasa yoga class for six weeks decreased their stress and anxiety levels by 20 percent. This is relevant because stress is known to negatively affect fertility; so, while reduced stress levels from doing yoga doesn’t mean you’ll get pregnant, it doesn’t hurt your chances, either.

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