12 Things You May Not Know About Nurses

Find out more ways nurses are improving the health of patients around the world.

12 Things You May Not Know About Nurses

Don’t underestimate the power of nurses. In the emergency room, a lot of time can go by without speaking to a doctor. It can be frustrating to have no quick answers, especially if you are in pain and in need of care. But whenever you need them, nurses are there to help. Nurses will frequently check in and take care of you for hours on end. They’re there for you through late hours when the doctors are gone, and are dedicated to ensuring your smooth road to recovery.

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Nurses Will Put Patients First

No matter the hour, nurses have you covered. "If I haven't eaten in six hours and you need pain medication, I will get [that] for you before I nourish myself," says critical care nurse and author, Kati Kleber. Many nurses will also work long weekend shifts and give up holidays to care for their patients.

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