13 New Ways to Use a Pumice Stone

Find out how to put your pumice stone to use beyond removing calluses and corns.

13 New Ways to Use a Pumice Stone

You might reach for a pumice stone to remove calluses and corns from your hands and feet but that’s not the only reason to pick up this rounded rock. The quintessential salon and spa tool, which is made out of porous volcanic rock, turns out to be quite the multitasker at home as well.

Remove Body Hair

Want to remove body hair without shaving? Soak a pumice stone in warm water for about five minutes. Gently rub the soaked stone on clean and soapy skin for 1-2 minutes. Rinse off and pat skin dry. Try this routine when you’re showering for up to 20 days and you should be able to notice a difference. Make sure you only rub gently and briefly. Being too aggressive can irritate and damage your skin.

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