The 3 Biggest Sunscreen Myths You Should Stop Believing

Learn about common SPF myths to help protect your skin.

The 3 Biggest Sunscreen Myths You Should Stop Believing

By Toni Gasparis

Dermatologist Dr. Whitney Bowe performed an experiment with different SPF products to determine if the things we believe about sunscreen are actually true. In her experiment she used a UV light to scan and test for skin damage caused by the sun from ineffective SPF application. Read about the myths you need to stop believing right now to make sure your skin stays healthy and safe during the summer months.

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SPF Over 30 Isn't Effective

SPF 30 has been proven to block 97 percent of UV rays. Anything over 30 doesn't have significant improvements and benefits. However, it all depends on how you apply it. If you don't apply the appropriate amount of an SPF 30 you may end up only having the effectiveness of SPF 15 on your body. Similarly, if you apply SPF 50 you could wind up with SPF 30 protection. Getting higher SPF numbers is encouraged to provide yourself with more flexibility when it comes to applying sunscreen to your skin for maximum protection. You should apply a shot glass amount of sunscreen to your skin every one to two hours you are out in the sun.

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