The 3-Day Reset Regimen: Eat Carbs Without Gaining Weight

Reset your gut bacteria and keep your waistline in check.

The 3-Day Reset Regimen: Eat Carbs Without Gaining Weight

It’s almost impossible to resist eating carbs, from pizza to pasta, but eating too many unhealthy carbs can lead to excess belly fat. Stave off weight gain and free yourself from carb guilt by retraining your body to digest carbs. The key is to eat gluten-free carbs and eliminate the foods that encourage fat storage. Follow this step-by-step guide and print this cheat sheet to refer to anytime you need to reset your body!

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Step 1: Eliminate

For the entire three-day period, avoid artificial sweeteners, gluten, and processed foods. These three foods stay in your gut for a longer time and send signals to your brain indicating a food scarcity and triggering fat storage.

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