The 3-Day Super Soup Restart Cleanse Plan

Nourish and heal your body from the inside out with this simple soup plan.

The 3-Day Super Soup Restart Cleanse Plan

Souping is an easy and delicious way to build up your body’s immunity, eat more vegetables, and even lose weight. It can be a better alternative to juicing because the soups can be enjoyed either hot or cold, retain more fiber from vegetables and other ingredients, and are better for blood sugar balance. Follow these instructions from nutritionist Haylie Pomroy to get started on the 3-day plan.

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The Rules of the Cleanse

On the 3-Day Cleanse Plan, you will have five soups a day—typically a breakfast soup, a snack soup, a lunch soup, another midday snack soup, and a dinner soup. The soups are beginner-friendly and can all be made in one pot with detoxifying ingredients. There is no calorie counting involved, so you are free to have unlimited soup per meal until you’re satisfied.

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