3 Mocktails for Your Immune System

Get your happy hour fix without alcohol.

3 Mocktails for Your Immune System

Allergies, colds, viruses and more — the list of potential hits to your immune system is daunting and can ruin your quality of life. Many people find themselves in a cycle of getting sick, and then briefly getting well only to get sick again. Beat the cycle of immune depletion by turning to your kitchen to keep your immune system as healthy as it can be. Integrated health expert and author of What Doctors Eat, Dr. Taz Bhatia, shares three mocktails that give your body nutrients.

Apple-Pineapple Tonic

Sweet, delicious, and healthy, this tonic is one that even the pickiest child will love. Apples are rich in quercitin and flavonoids, supporting the immune system and fighting allergies. Pineapples are high in bromelain, aiding your digestion and working as a decongestant. Use local honey for an added boost along with some ginger to fight inflammation. Blending all of this together results in fantastic tasting tonic that can help you through both cold and allergy season.

Get the recipe: Apple-Pineapple Tonic

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