The 30-Day Digital Detox Plan to Recharge

Give yourself a break from all of your devices and the Internet with this realistic digital detox plan.

The 30-Day Digital Detox Plan to Recharge

If you’re like many Americans today, you might be using the Internet constantly, anywhere from five to seven hours a day. But when does using the Internet all the time become an addiction? Try this 30-day digital detox from journalist Tony Schwartz to help regain your focus without having to quit the Internet cold turkey.

Read for 20 Minutes a Day Without a Device

Reading on an e-reader, a computer screen, or on your smartphone can be a disruptive experience. You might be drawn to multiple articles, distracting advertisements, or notifications and then lose track of what you were focusing on in the first place. Take 20 minutes each day to deliberately concentrate on a novel, magazine, or a physical newspaper. You’ll rebuild your focusing skills and break an unhealthy multitasking cycle.

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