4 Outdoor Cooking Hacks

Improve your summer BBQ with these helpful hacks.

4 Outdoor Cooking Hacks

There are many stressful elements that go into throwing a backyard cookout like overcooking burgers, limited grill space, and pestering insects. Cut down on these issues with outdoor cooking hacks that will simplify the tasks at hand and ease your mind. Plus, these hacks will result in delicious and insect-free food and pleased guests.

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Cook Corn in a Cooler

Cook corn without taking up valuable grill real estate by using a cooler instead. Take a clean cooler and place a roasting pan at the bottom. Then, fill it with shucked ears of corn and pour two kettles full of boiling water over them. Close the lid of the cooler and wait 30 minutes before opening it to find perfectly cooked corn.

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