4-Week Summer Slimdown

Get toned and healthy in just four weeks with this fast and easy-to-follow plan.

4-Week Summer Slimdown

Fit into your summer clothes in just one month with Dr. Oz’s 4-Week Summer Slimdown plan! Follow these steps to feel healthier and get toned without drastically changing your lifestyle or giving up your favorite foods.

Start Each Morning With a Coffee-Cleanse Smoothie

Ditch your coffee crutch with a delicious and healthy coffee-cleanse smoothie recipe. It will give you the caffeine boost you need without all of the extra calories. Plus, it's packed with nutrients to keep you energized throughout the morning.

Dr. Oz goes where he's never gone before. He's letting you eat fast-food and it's not what you expect. Learn which fast food meals you can eat under 500 calories while still enjoying the food you love.