5 Alkaline Vegetables to Add to Your Diet

Find out which veggies to stock up on at the grocery store.

5 Alkaline Vegetables to Add to Your Diet

By Reina Berger

Wondering how to start following the alkaline diet? Along with cutting out processed foods, sugar, alcohol, dairy, and meat, you can also try eating the right types of produce to make the most of this plan. Since the foundation of any good diet relies on eating plenty of fresh vegetables, the next time you are making a big salad or looking for the perfect side dish, choose from the five veggies below.

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Another great source of vitamins and nutrients, zucchini is full of vitamin C, B2, and B6. This multipurpose vegetable is considered one of the many dark veggies that may help stave off various diseases. You can get your serving in by using a mandolin to make faux noodles for a healthy low-carb meal, or you can make zucchini pancakes with just an egg, whole wheat flour, and seasonings. If you’re craving chips, cut back on the fat and calories by making your own with zucchini. All you have to do is thinly slice the vegetable, add salt, pepper, garlic, or onion powder, and bake until crispy.

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