5 Easy At-Home Therapy Hacks to Boost Your Personality

Use these hacks to rewire you brain and change your personality for the better.

5 Easy At-Home Therapy Hacks to Boost Your Personality

Most people have some personality trait they’d like to change. While some traits change naturally over the course of time, there might be a good reason you want to alter negative quirks more rapidly. Psychologist and NY Times bestselling author of The Brain Fog Fix and Healing the Broken Brain, Dr. Mike Dow has some tricks to help you change your personality in a positive way.

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Identify What You Want to Change

It's important to first recognize personality downfalls or flaws that you want to change about yourself. If you’re a pessimist, would you like to become an optimist? If you’re shy, would you like to become more outgoing? Next, take a minute to understand how powerful you are at changing your brain each and every day. Every time you form a thought or choose a reaction, you’re creating a pathway in the brain. Every time you feel an emotion, a chemical reaction is taking place. If you’re doing the exact same thing every day, you’re using the same pathways with the same chemicals. To change these, you simply have to change how you think and what you do -- which will affect how you feel.

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