5 Easy Ways to Work Out in 5 Minutes or Less

Give one of these one-minute, equipment-free workouts a try when you’re pressed for time.

5 Easy Ways to Work Out in 5 Minutes or Less

No time to work out? Luckily for you, short bouts of exercise can be as effective as a long gym session. We’ve gathered together five moves that will get your heart rate going, while toning all parts of your body. From mountain climbers to lunges, these moves will work your arms, abs, legs, butt, and shoulders. Do each move for one minute, and you’ll be sure to feel the burn the day after. No excuses: Just five minutes and your living room floor is all you need to break a sweat and blast calories.

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Arms: Burpees With Push-ups

Burpees are the ultimate fat burning and strength-building exercise move. Go into a squat position, put your hands on the floor, and kick back your feet to land in a push-up position. Do a full push-up to strengthen those arm muscles, return to squat position, and jump up high. After 60 seconds of this move you’ll without doubt have to wipe away that sweaty brow.

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