5 Fascinating Times Medical Evidence Solved a Crime

Find out how these cases were solved using medical evidence.

5 Fascinating Times Medical Evidence Solved a Crime

By Toni Gasparis

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Advancements in technology, along with new developments in forensic pathology, have grown tremendously in recent decades. Solving crimes using medical evidence provided by dead bodies can now help crack previously unsolvable cases. We’ve rounded up five compelling crime investigations that were solved using medical knowledge and clues of the body.

A Faked Head Injury Fails as an Alibi

A woman told the police her baby was kidnapped by a masked man and found dead. The woman and her husband later had another child that was similarly kidnapped and found dead, so they reopened the case. The woman had claimed the kidnapper bashed her head with the back of a gun and knocked her out. She said she did not regain consciousness until her husband came home an hour later and woke her up. But a doctor on the case knew her story was impossible: With a head injury of that intensity, she wouldn’t have remembered the intruder or the situation at all. The doctor said that the head injury, if real, would have made the woman groggy, disoriented, and confused. This medical evidence was enough to prove her guilt.

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