5 Fascinating Times Medical Evidence Solved a Crime

Find out how these cases were solved using medical evidence.

5 Fascinating Times Medical Evidence Solved a Crime

By Toni Gasparis

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Advancements in technology, along with new developments in forensic pathology, have grown tremendously in recent decades. Solving crimes using medical evidence provided by dead bodies can now help crack previously unsolvable cases. We’ve rounded up five compelling crime investigations that were solved using medical knowledge and clues of the body.

A Genetic Curse, Debunked

By the ninth dead baby, including one child who was adopted, an initial ruling that a husband and wife’s children were dying due to a genetic disorder seemed implausible. Police reached out to a medical examiner asking if that amount of genetic child deaths in one family were possible. The forensic doctor who reviewed the case files explained that children with genetic diseases die slowly and with symptoms. Additionally, the doctor found it to be nearly impossible that an adopted child could die in a similar manner when not genetically related. After concluding that genetic disorder was a lie, the mother — the only person who was ever with the babies when they died — confessed and was charged and convicted.

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