5 Fascinating Times Medical Evidence Solved a Crime

Find out how these cases were solved using medical evidence.

5 Fascinating Times Medical Evidence Solved a Crime

By Toni Gasparis

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Advancements in technology, along with new developments in forensic pathology, have grown tremendously in recent decades. Solving crimes using medical evidence provided by dead bodies can now help crack previously unsolvable cases. We’ve rounded up five compelling crime investigations that were solved using medical knowledge and clues of the body.

Animal DNA Leads to a Human Suspect

In 1994, animal DNA was used for the first time to solve a crime. When a woman mysteriously disappeared, her remains were not found until several months later. After continued searching, the police found a leather jacket in the woods with her blood on it as well as white hairs embedded into the jacket lining. Testing revealed that the hair wasn’t human; it had come from a cat. This initially discouraging result led to a suspect: the victim’s ex-boyfriend, who had a white cat. Testing the hairs for the cat’s DNA — the first such test in history — revealed a match. The jacket was proven to be the ex-boyfriend’s, and he was convicted.

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