5 Fat-Fighting Foods Every Diet Needs

Find out which healthy fats can help you stay slim.

5 Fat-Fighting Foods Every Diet Needs

These days, the health and wellness world is flooded with a wide array of different diets to choose from. The Paleo diet, vegan diet, Mediterranean diet, DASH diet, and others all offer benefits, but it appears there is one unanimous theme in all these healthy eating plans: healthy fats. Here are five fat-fighting foods you can feel good about adding to your diet.

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Almonds are a versatile and delicious source of healthy fats. Whether you prefer to eat the nuts on their own, add them to a trail mix, or enjoy them in the form of almond butter, you can find tons of creative ways to incorporate this healthy fat into your diet. Low in carbohydrates and a great source of fiber, you can feel good about adding this food to your diet. Just be mindful of the serving size, since they can be quite caloric.

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