5 Food Combos to Winterize Your Diet

Get through the season without so much as a sniffle with these superfood formulas.

5 Food Combos to Winterize Your Diet

It's easy to turn to carb-heavy comfort food as the temperature drops, but those will only leave you feeling unsatisfied and sluggish. Instead, power up your diet with these superfood combos that will boost your immune system and keep your waistline intact through the cold and blustery months ahead.

Apples + Cinnamon

Skip sugary soft drinks and warm up with a steaming cup of apple cider. Certain chemicals in apples can promote heart health, and cinnamon has antioxidant properties. Use apple cider to make this seasonal sangria, plus check out more of Dr. Oz's favorite winter drinks. When choosing a cider, make sure you find one with no sugar added that's as close as possible to being just apples and spices.

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