5 Genius Ways to Use an Ice Cube Tray

Ice cube molds and trays aren't just for water. Learn what other foods and liquids you can freeze.

5 Genius Ways to Use an Ice Cube Tray

From blenders to slow cookers, your kitchen is full of multipurpose appliances and gadgets. Now, it’s time to put your ice cube trays to work. Try these smart tricks to get more than plain ice cubes from your freezer. Get more kitchen tips and recipes in the new Dr. Oz app!

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Make Coffee Cubes

Don’t pour out your leftover coffee! Pour cooled coffee into ice cube trays instead to make iced coffee cubes. Freeze the coffee overnight and in the morning, add them to your iced coffee instead of regular ice cubes. When the coffee cubes melt, your drink will keep its coffee taste and won’t be diluted. Try this tip with your favorite milk if you prefer an iced latte instead or make cookies and cream ice cubes for an indulgent treat.

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