5 Healthy Back Hacks

Relieve pain and support your back with these simple strategies.

5 Healthy Back Hacks

In a recent study, approximately one-fourth of all Americans reported having lower back pain at least once within the last three months. The sooner you pay attention to the state of your back, the more you can do to lessen or ward off back, neck, or shoulder pain. To get you back on your feet, chiropractor Dr. Steven Shoshany shared the easy ways you can protect your back before it’s too late.

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Try the Chin Tuck

Are you constantly looking down at your smartphone throughout the day? Pushing your head forward and down for extended periods can cause “text neck” or neck strain, muscle pain, numbness, or nerve degradation. To counteract this forward head posture, Dr. Shoshany recommends doing a neck exercise called the chin tuck. Start by placing your index and middle finger together on your chin. Push your head back, hold, and repeat for several times.

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