5 Major Benefits of Canned Pumpkin

Make a stop at the canned goods aisle to pick up this delicious ingredient.

5 Major Benefits of Canned Pumpkin

While popular opinion suggests that eating a fruit or vegetable in its natural form is almost always more beneficial than eating the canned variety, when it comes to this vegetable, you can safely enjoy the canned kind without losing out on any vitamins or nutrients. When shopping for canned pumpkin, be sure to look at the nutritional label to rule out any added salt or sugar. A good bet when it comes to canned pumpkin is checking for "100 percent pumpkin" on the label. Avoid things like pumpkin pie mix or pumpkin spice mix because those can be loaded with chemicals and calories. Wondering why this vegetable comes so highly recommended? Here are five major benefits.

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Low Calorie

One cup of canned pumpkin only has 80 calories, making it an excellent addition to your diet. They key is to enjoy it in a healthy way instead of in its usual form: rich and calorie pumpkin pie. One delicious way to enjoy this ingredient is in an airy and delectable mousse. All you need is pumpkin, cocoa powder, coconut oil, a dash of cinnamon, and maple syrup. Check out the full recipe below to try it for yourself!

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