5 Strength Training Myths — Busted!

Learn about strength training and find out why you should add it to your exercise routine.

5 Strength Training Myths — Busted!

By Toni Gasparis

Strength training is any sort of exercise done against resistance that aims to strengthen your muscles. You can do this form of exercise with body weight such as pushups and crunches, freestanding weights like dumbbells or a barbell, with weight machines or with elastic bands. Many people avoid strength training because they are skeptical about its effectiveness, or concerned it’ll make them bulk up and gain weight. Have your biggest doubts and questions answered here and learn why you should reconsider strength training, here.

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“Building muscles makes me gain weight, not lose it.”

Strength training helps you gain muscle mass and lose fat. That means the number on the scale might not move as much as you thought — or may even go up. However, muscle weight is better than fat for a few reasons. The practice of resistance training can help you lose inches off your waist because strong, lean muscles increase your metabolism by burning more calories at rest. Strong muscles also strengthen your bones and make you less likely to end up with joint issues. Create a workout routine that includes cardio and strength training for the most effective fat-burning method.

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