5 Strength Training Myths — Busted!

Learn about strength training and find out why you should add it to your exercise routine.

5 Strength Training Myths — Busted!

By Toni Gasparis

Strength training is any sort of exercise done against resistance that aims to strengthen your muscles. You can do this form of exercise with body weight such as pushups and crunches, freestanding weights like dumbbells or a barbell, with weight machines or with elastic bands. Many people avoid strength training because they are skeptical about its effectiveness, or concerned it’ll make them bulk up and gain weight. Have your biggest doubts and questions answered here and learn why you should reconsider strength training, here.

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“I’m too weak to do strength training.”

Like the name implies, strength training is aimed at making you stronger regardless of what your strength is like when you start — your level of strength should not impact your abilities. Strength training is highly customizable so you can start out with exercises and weights that are appropriate for your level. Additionally, any small effort towards building your muscles helps strengthen your bones and may aid in helping issues like arthritis and osteoporosis. Make sure you get some advice on correct lifting form if you’ve never done strength training before.

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