5 Ways Your Pumpkin Spice Obsession Can Benefit Your Health

Find out how this fall favorite can benefit your health.

5 Ways Your Pumpkin Spice Obsession Can Benefit Your Health

You start craving it in September, and by October you’ve already stocked your pantry with enough pumpkin spice to last through the winter. While you’re not alone in your pumpkin spice obsession, you may not know that the combination of spices that makes up pumpkin spice can improve blood circulation, digestion problems, and even stress. Find out how the pumpkin spice blend can boost your health this season and sprinkle it in smoothies, oatmeal, coffee, and more!


This spice comes from the Pimenta dioica plant and has a complex, peppery flavor that brings the extra edge to pumpkin spice. Historically, allspice was used to treat indigestion and gas. It may also help with stomachaches, cramping, and muscle aches.

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