5 Yoga Positions for Better Sex

Feeling stressed and tired? Have no energy for intimacy anymore? Try out these yoga positions to boost your libido and energy levels.

5 Yoga Positions for Better Sex

By Toni Gasparis

Sex and yoga are similar because they are both an activity involving the connection between mind and body. But it’s easy for your sex drive to get blocked and clouded by the various stressors in your life. Yoga can clear up your stressed mind and increase your flexibility and sex drive. In fact, a study showed that 72 percent of women said their sex life improved after doing yoga for an hour a day for three months. Boost your libido and start reconnecting with your partner by learning these simple yoga poses.

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Chair Pose

Put your hands up in the air and slowly lower your butt and bend your knees just like you’re sitting in a chair. Make sure to keep your back straight throughout the pose. This move increases your stamina and energy, leaving you loose and energized for bedroom activities.

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