6 Medical Mysteries That Will Shock You

Learn about some of the medical mysteries and weird illnesses that stump doctors.

6 Medical Mysteries That Will Shock You

The human body is truly amazing in it’s complexity, which also means there’s a lot that can go wrong. While there’s a long list of common ailments that affect most people, there are also many rare ones. Learn about a few that often have doctors scratching their heads.


An insulinoma is a rare type of tumor that grows from part of the pancreas that makes insulin. Insulin is a hormone your body makes to control the level of sugar in the body. When these tumors show up, they release insulin when sugar isn’t present in your blood, which can send your sugar levels plummeting at the wrong time. They can be hard to find because the symptoms they cause are found in many other, more common diseases. While special imaging studies like CT scans or MRIs can find them, they’re often small and can be easily missed.

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