The 6 Most Common Running Injuries

Learn the causes and solutions of the most common injuries for runners.

The 6 Most Common Running Injuries

A pain in your knee or tightened muscle can ruin a perfectly good run. But if you didn’t twist your ankle or bump into something, where did the pain come from? Read on to learn about six of the most common running injuries and how to treat them.

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Runner’s Knee

If you feel a dull pain in the front of your knee or hear your kneecap make a clicking or grinding sound, you may have runner’s knee. This condition is very common and has many causes like weak thighs, tight hamstrings and Achilles, poor foot support, or your knee structure.

You can treat runner’s knee if you stop running until your pain subsides. Also, ice and elevate your knee and try strengthening exercises to build up your muscles. If none of that works and the pain worsens, call your doctor.

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