6 Ways Your Home Could Be Making You Sick

Find out the things in your home that could be affecting your family’s health.

6 Ways Your Home Could Be Making You Sick

By Toni Gasparis

Many places in the home can have toxins without you knowing. Become an educated consumer and homeowner by understanding when your home may be putting you and your family’s health at risk.

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Moisture in the bathroom from your steaming showers can lead to the growth of mold in your walls. Surface mold can usually be scraped off and fixed with a little bit of soap and water, but deeply infested mold can travel into your lungs without you knowing it. This can cause irritate in your lungs, leading to asthma attacks and other infections. In order to avoid fungal growth in your bathroom, check to make sure the moisture is being ventilated properly by holding a tissue up to your air vent. If the tissue doesn’t get attached to the vent almost immediately, then the airflow in the room is poor and needs to be improved.

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Drowning: How to Respond

It's critical to get the person breathing again as soon as possible.

Drowning can happen quickly. Three children die every day from drowning, and most fatal incidents happen from lack of appropriate supervision. Every minute that passes is critical in saving them or preventing serious injury. Here's what to do if you see someone drowning and you need to help rescue them.

Call 911

You should alert emergency responders as soon as possible. If there are other people around, instruct someone to make the call. If you are alone, help the drowning person until you can give CPR for one minute and then call 911 yourself (then continue life-saving measures).

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