7 Best Running Apps to Use During Your Next Workout

Next time you go for a jog, bring your phone along for a better workout.

7 Best Running Apps to Use During Your Next Workout

There are plenty of helpful apps available for runners at any experience level. New runners can benefit from programs, which help them ramp up their routine. Experienced runners can use apps to track running routes, mileage, calories burned, and more. And every runner, from the slowest jogger to the speediest sprinter, is sure to appreciate tunes to accompany the workout. Check out some of our very favorite running apps.

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Get Running (beginners)

Another great option for runners who are just getting started is Get Running (available for iOS and Android). As with the Couch to 5K app, the Get Running app eases non-runners into a jogging routine. A woman’s voice chimes in with encouragement and information about how much time you have left on each run/walk cycle. You can run the app in the background, and easily listen to music or podcasts during your workout.

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