7 Best Running Apps to Use During Your Next Workout

Next time you go for a jog, bring your phone along for a better workout.

7 Best Running Apps to Use During Your Next Workout

There are plenty of helpful apps available for runners at any experience level. New runners can benefit from programs, which help them ramp up their routine. Experienced runners can use apps to track running routes, mileage, calories burned, and more. And every runner, from the slowest jogger to the speediest sprinter, is sure to appreciate tunes to accompany the workout. Check out some of our very favorite running apps.

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Spotify (for anyone)

Silence is golden, but not when it comes to running. Whether it’s to cover up your huffing and puffing, provide a rhythmic beat to boost your pace, or just spur you on, music is often a required element for a successful, fun run. There are lots of apps, including Spotify (iOS, Android), Pandora (iOS, Android), and 8tracks (iOS, Android) to accompany your jog. Or, you can listen to podcasts to keep your brain chugging as you work out.

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