7 Cleaning Cheats to Make Your Life Easier

Cut cleaning time in half with these simple solutions.

7 Cleaning Cheats to Make Your Life Easier

By Toni Gasparis

Not a lot of people like to clean because it can be time consuming and annoying to do. Here are some ways to gain back your free time and clean your house more efficiently, plus other useful cleaning hacks for day-to-day life. Use these cheats to make cleaning quick, easy, and painless. Get more life hacks, tips, and tricks by downloading the Dr. Oz app.

Sanitize Your Sponges Using the Vinegar

While you do need to replace your sponges periodically, you can get a little extra life out of them by cleaning them in a certain way. Soak your sponge in white vinegar for five minutes — this method is proven 99 percent effective at removing bacteria.

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