7 Fixes for Your Biggest Beauty Blunders

Dealing with a beauty disaster? You’re not alone. Here are the tried and true fixes you can trust!

7 Fixes for Your Biggest Beauty Blunders

When it comes to the pursuit of all-things beauty, there is a universal truth that we can all relate to: sooner or later, something is bound to go awry. If you are suffering from a blunder (or two) and looking for some guidance, look no further. Here are the seven fixes you need to turn any beauty mistake into a solution!

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How to Repair and Grow Out Your Eyelashes

If you have been wearing eyelash extensions or pulling on your lashes and have noticed some bald spots, you can have your full lashes back with just a few steps. First, apply a lash conditioning mascara that will nourish your eyelashes and condition them with special peptides. Next, take a Biotin supplement daily, since this vitamin is essential for healthy hair, skin, and nails. While you’re at it, try adding protein to your meals since that is the building block of hair and will help your lashes grow long and strong. When you take your eye makeup off, be as gentle as possible to avoid pulling out any additional lashes.

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