7 Low-Carb Hacks You Need to Try

Learn how to ditch carbs without missing them.

7 Low-Carb Hacks You Need to Try

Are you tired, hungry, and moody while on a low-carb diet? There’s no need to feel miserable — carbohydrates are the most misunderstood aspect of healthy eating. Eating low carb shouldn’t sabotage your weight loss goals or deplete your energy, you just have to use the right approach! Here are the seven best low-carb hacks to try you can say goodbye without missing them.

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Complex Carbs

Instead of trying to cut out carbs completely, focus on eating more complex carbs - skipping carbs altogether can make you lethargic and prone to eating more later in the day. So to comfortably maintain your diet, make sure the carbs are complex, meaning whole grains, starchy veggies, sweet potatoes, beans, oats, etc. They keep you full longer, help with digestion (as these foods all have a high fiber content), and don't spike your blood sugar level, making you crash later. Try to have 40% of your total caloric intake for the day come from complex carbohydrates.

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