7 Steps to Beat Bloat Every Day

Learn the simple diet tricks to practice every day to prevent waking up feeling bloated and uncomfortable from Vincent Pedre, MD.

7 Steps to Beat Bloat Every Day

You wake up feeling full, puffy, and distended wondering what you ate last night for dinner. You’ve done elimination diets, but you still don’t understand what you should be eating to feel well. If you want to fit into your skinny jeans or that tight-fitting dress by tomorrow, you’ve got to start by feeding your gut flora the right types of food. Why? New science is showing the major role your gut bacteria play in how you feel around the waist, and you can actually alter your gut bacteria in as little as one day by the way you eat. For a long-lasting change, follow this plan for 28 days from Vincent Pedre, MD, internist, certified functional medicine practitioner, and author of Happy Gut: The Cleansing Program to Help You Lose Weight, Gain Energy, and Eliminate Pain.

Make 3/4 of Your Plate a Veggie-Based Insoluble Fiber at Lunch

Start by filling three-quarters of your plate with bloat-fighting insoluble fibers. They are called insoluble, because they don’t take on water like the soluble fibers. You want foods rich in insoluble fibers because they add bulk, helping to push the food along your digestive tract so you don’t end up constipated and bloated.

Insoluble fibers are found in foods like dark leafy greens, carrots, cucumbers, broccoli, nuts, and seeds. Notice we mixed in a few of these insoluble fibers with our prebiotic midmorning snack. This is a great way to fill up, while avoiding the afternoon bloat as the fibers stimulate the peristaltic movements of your gut. The goal is to have a bowel movement in the afternoon to keep your belly flat and happy.

The other quarter of your plate should be a clean, hormone-free, free-range, grass-fed, or wild-caught protein, along with a portion of healthy omega-3 fats; for example, avocados, olive oil, salmon, halibut, and sardines to name a few.

Green Tea With Egg White Foam to Soothe Your Sore Throat

From Dr. Oz's new book on traditional Chinese medicine, "Yin Yang You" — out now!

Are you one of so many people who suffer from pain, stress and anxiety? Dr. Oz set out to help you find relief. So to fill the gaps in modern Western medicine, he looked to traditional Chinese medicine — which uses 5,000-year-old traditions to help people preserve their health and prevent sickness. These ancient secrets are what inspired his new book, "Yin Yang You," about the powerful methods you can do right at home! Click here to grab your own copy.

The book is also filled with tons of delicious recipes that are packed with nutrients for your health. Here's an easy one to get started with. This green tea has a special twist to soothe a sore throat that comes on quickly. Egg whites and sugar are whipped together to add some foam to classic green tea for a cooling and coating effect.

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