7 Surprising Sources of Dairy

Why trying to avoid dairy may be harder than it seems.

7 Surprising Sources of Dairy

Whether you’re lactose intolerant or trying to determine if you might have a dairy allergy, cutting out milk products means saying goodbye to delicious cheeses and creamy yogurt. Unfortunately, just getting rid of the obvious things may not be enough. Here are some foods that you never would have guessed contain dairy.

Breakfast Bars and Cereals

Milk isn’t the only dairy in that bowl of cereal. Many cereals, especially granolas, contain milk products like whey, casein or milk powder to boost the protein content of the cereal. Breakfast bars also often contain the same sorts of milk products to boost protein. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as avoiding the yogurt versions. If in doubt, check the “This product may contain” disclaimer on the side of the box.

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