7 Ways Stress Affects Your Skin

Learn what to do when stress wreaks havoc on your skin.

7 Ways Stress Affects Your Skin

Stress, in its many forms – whether environmental, psychological, or physical – is one of the most common triggers for skin issues. When you’re stressed, you may notice changes on your face or on your body that signal a reaction or inflammation. Find out what stress can cause and how to treat and relieve each condition.

Cold Sores/Fever Blisters

Blisters and sores caused by the herpes simplex virus can break out around the mouth and lips when you’re stressed out. Aside from medications and topical creams and ointments, you can also try applying chilled lemon balm oil, an essential oil, to relive skin tingling, reduce the amount of blisters, and shorten the duration of a breakout.

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5 Things to Say (& Not to Say) If You See Signs of Dementia in a Loved One

Talking to them about it may be uncomfortable, but it's important not to put it off.

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