The 7th Day Restart Plan

Find out how a day of rest can transform your mind and body.

The 7th Day Restart Plan

Do you find yourself always on the go? While an active and busy lifestyle can be a blessing, it can also be overwhelming at times. A day of rest is just what the doctor ordered to conquer your stress, transform your body and restore your peace of mind.

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Cook With a New Ingredient

Cooking is a natural form of therapy since it allows you to be creative and keeps you focused on ingredients and recipe steps. Also, all the aromas, tastes, sights, and sounds that go along with cooking will ignite your senses and help you unwind. Best yet, studies have shown that home-cooked meals are less caloric and sugary than meals eaten at restaurants. You can try a new ingredient like chia seeds, cauliflower, jicama, or turmeric to take you out of a rut and keep you on your toes. This steak wrap recipe is a crowd-pleaser as well.

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