The 7th Day Restart Plan

Find out how a day of rest can transform your mind and body.

The 7th Day Restart Plan

Do you find yourself always on the go? While an active and busy lifestyle can be a blessing, it can also be overwhelming at times. A day of rest is just what the doctor ordered to conquer your stress, transform your body and restore your peace of mind.

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Start Your Day With Vitamin “N”

The “N” stands for nature. Countless studies have found that communing with nature provides physical and mental health benefits. You can interpret this tip in a number of ways. You can take a walk in your neighborhood, go for a hike, or simply sit outside enjoying the sunlight with a cup of herbal tea. By eliminating all the distractions (work emails, social media, looming to-do lists), you can restore your sense of well-being and truly appreciate your outdoor surroundings.

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