8 Nutrition Myths You Think Are Fact

You make decisions about what to put into your body all the time. Whether it’s what to have for lunch or which drink is going to best quench your thirst, you probably weigh several different factors before coming to a decision. But are you picking your food based on the right information? Find out which myths might be fooling you into passing up healthier options.

Carbs Make You Fat

The problem with this myth is that it’s overly broad. Simple carbs can contribute to weight gain, but carbs include a lot more than refined sugar. Fiber, which is found in whole grains and many fruits and vegetables, is a carbohydrate that helps lower your risk of colon cancer and boosts digestive health. When picking out carbohydrate-heavy foods like pasta or bread, go with whole grain or whole wheat options whenever you can. This pushes the balance in favor of healthier complex carbohydrates and away from calorie-dense simple sugars.

Here's What to Say (& What Not to Say) If You See Signs of Dementia in a Loved One

Talking to them about it may be uncomfortable, but it's important not to put it off.

Tackling the issue of dementia when it affects someone near and dear is very difficult, and it is hard to know how to discuss the subject with your affected loved one. However, it is important not to put it off. Just try to make sure it is a gentle encounter — for both of you.

Here are the experts' recommendations on having the first talk.

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