8 Surprising Facts About the Olympics

Learn the scientific reason behind the success of Olympic athletes.

8 Surprising Facts About the Olympics

By Toni Gasparis

Do you know why Olympic athletes eat 8,000 calories a day? Do you know the gene that could determine an athlete's ability? Find out these facts and more about the Olympics, here.

The amount of oxygen an athlete has can influence their outcome.

VO2 max is the maximum volume of oxygen a body can use and then convert to energy. An average female has a VO2 max of 27 to 31 mL/kg, an average male has 35 to 40 mL/kg, but an Olympian can easily get up to 70 mL/kg (for women) and 80 mL/kg (for men). The amount of VO2 max an athlete has may also depend on the event they practice: short distance runners have a lower number than long distance runners because they need less oxygen and energy to compete.

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