8 Tips for New Runners

Thinking about running for exercise? Get everything you need to know, here, before you start.

8 Tips for New Runners

By Toni Gasparis

Running — especially if you don’t really like to exercise — can seem like a daunting feat. But with the right tools and the right attitude, running may become your new favorite activity. Get active and healthy with these tips and tricks to help you start out as a runner.

Don’t Get Discouraged

No one expects you to be able to run full-force for 30 minutes when you just start out. Don’t get discouraged because you can’t run intensely or for long periods of time at the beginning — you’re still learning and adapting. Try out a walk-run combo to get you started and build up your endurance: walk for five minutes, then run for three minutes. Repeat until you are tired.

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