8 Tricks to Stay Healthy While Traveling

Safeguard yourself against germs with these travel tips.

8 Tricks to Stay Healthy While Traveling

By Toni Gasparis

Do you know the dirtiest places in hotels, planes, and other public travel spaces? Find out the small things that you can do to avoid catching the cold, flu, or an infection while traveling. Use these tips to arm yourself with the knowledge to protect yourself and your family.

Bring Your Own Blanket (and Pillow)

You want to be comfortable while traveling (especially internationally), but using the pillows and blankets provided by airlines can often be more of an "ick" factor than an "ahh" factor. Generally, the pillows and blankets aren't washed until they've been used by several people. The plastic bags they're packaged in doesn't mean they're new, it means the airline repackaged them to make them look new. To be safe — BYOB — bring your own blanket.

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