8 Tricks to Stay Healthy While Traveling

Safeguard yourself against germs with these travel tips.

8 Tricks to Stay Healthy While Traveling

By Toni Gasparis

Do you know the dirtiest places in hotels, planes, and other public travel spaces? Find out the small things that you can do to avoid catching the cold, flu, or an infection while traveling. Use these tips to arm yourself with the knowledge to protect yourself and your family.

Prepare for Public Bathrooms

No matter where you are — from an airplane to a rest stop — be wary of public bathroom surfaces. Often filled with bacteria from passengers or commuters in a hurry who don't have time to wash their hands, you'd be surprised that what you think is the germiest area — the toilet seat — is actually one of the cleanest. Instead, door handles and faucets can often take the prize for harboring the most icky germs. So be smart — flush the toilet with your foot if it's not automatic and use a paper towel to turn the sink on and off and open doors.

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