Bad Behavior Rewind: Easy Ways to Undo the Damage

From taking in too much sun to overindulging at happy hour, learn how you can take back your body today!

Bad Behavior Rewind: Easy Ways to Undo the Damage

Are you worried that you are at a point of no return with your body due to bad habits and poor health choices you’ve made? If you’re a sun worshipper in recovery, or someone who’s overindulged in junk foods and alcohol, Dr. Oz is revealing the tools to help you take your health and body back!

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Problem: Sun Damage

While the sun plays a vital role in keeping us healthy, both by allowing us to make vitamin D and by boosting our mood, you can easily get too much of a good thing. The sun emits UV radiation that can damage your skin. Over time, regular overexposure can increase skin aging and lead to deadly skin cancers like melanoma.

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