Beat the Sweets: Tips for Lowering Blood Sugar

Learn the basics of cutting out sugar for good.

Beat the Sweets: Tips for Lowering Blood Sugar

Whether you have diabetes or prediabetes, or simply want to reduce your risk for developing diabetes, lowering your blood sugar is an important part of maintaining overall health. This comprehensive action plan takes you beyond the basics of simply cutting out sugar, showcasing the dietary changes, food replacements, exercise regimens, and supplement information required to lower or stabilize blood sugar.

Get physical

An hour and a half of moderately rigorous exercise (fast walking or biking) per week can help you to maintain blood sugar control by increasing your body’s sensitivity to insulin. Diabetics should check their blood sugar levels before and after exercise to make sure levels are where they need to be. If you’re going to exercise for more than an hour, you should check your blood sugar every 30 minutes during exercise to see if you need a snack. As always, talk to your doctor before starting a new exercise regimen.

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